F A Q s.

Do you accept applications from non-kiwis?

Of course we do! Some of our clients may request NZ crew specifically so unfortunately we wouldn't be able to put you forward for a role such as this but we are here to help crew from all corners of the world.

Im thinking of joining the yachting industry but not sure what I need to do?

First of all, you need to really understand what the industry is all about and whether it is right for you. All though people perceive it as being a very glamorous lifestyle, it is far from the truth. Do not believe everything you see on social media. It is an extremely rewarding industry to work in but by no means is it a walk in the park! From there you will need to complete the following courses, STCW plus proficiency in security awareness and obtain an ENG1 which is a medical disclosure from an authorised Dr. saying you are fit to work on board. In some circumstances, obtaining your ENG1 first may be the safer option before paying for the STCW.

What is the STCW course?

The STCW (Standards of Training and Certification of Watchkeepers) short course certificates are required by anyone seeking employment in the Superyacht industry internationally. The course is broken down into 5 different sections - Fire prevention & Fire-Fighting, personal safety & social responsibilities, personal survival techniques, elementary first-aid and proficiency in security awareness.

Where can I do my STCW in New Zealand?

Walkworth - http://www.mti.net.nz/?page_id=45

Manakau - https://www.manukau.ac.nz/about-us/our-faculties/maritime-and-logistics/maritime-short-courses-and-refresher-training

Tauranga - https://www.boppoly.ac.nz/go/programmes-and-courses/maritime-seafood/standards-training-certification-and-watchkeeping?subject=77

Nelson - https://www.nmit.ac.nz/study/short-courses/stcw-basic-training/

How do I set-up an offshore bank account?

There are several different ways you can do this but first you must secure a role and get a letter from the captain. We work closely with an agent in Palma who can help assist you with this free of charge.

Me and my partner are new to the industry, how do we find a job together?

This is a very common question for crew new to yachting as of course it would be great to join this venture together. Our best advice is to keep an open mind and be happy to do your first season apart if the opportunity arises. Couple roles are hard to come by and it is not always in the best interest of the captain to hire 2 new crew with no industry experience yet. 

Is it possible to secure a job before I come overseas?

It is indeed! I wouldn't say its easy though. Most of the time you will be competing with hundreds of other crew spread out over the Mediterranean/Caribbean who are available for immediate interview. If you start looking early enough then you may be lucky but the best bet is to jump on a flight and get into dock-walking and networking with other crew.

I see people talking about going to Antibes and Palma, which is better?

There are pro's and con's to both. Palma is a lot cheaper then Antibes but Antibes seems to have larger boats on the dock. You also have easy access to several ports from La Ciotat in the south of France to the coast of Italy. Palma however still have several ports on the island and there seems to be a great array of sailing yachts if you are looking at getting into sailing. I would aim to save enough money to support yourself for at least 4-6 weeks of which you may not be working - rent, food, transport and maybe a couple of networking beverages. Wherever you choose to base yourself you will have a great time!

What is the best way to approach dock - walking?

With swagger and a positive attitude! You want to bring attention to your personality before you try selling yourself on your skills. If you see someone out on deck and you want to drop your CV in then make sure you are happy, approachable and keen to chat! I wouldn't ask for the senior crew as chances are they are heavily inundated with work as it is so just be happy to speak to anyone you can and make sure they remember you for your awesome personality!

What should I wear to an interview? 

Think tidy, comfortable and presentable. You don't need to buy an outfit that resembles crew uniform but you want to look professional.


Not at all but there is a lot you can learn from them! Any of the following skills you have will help you on your search; housekeeping, laundry, high-end restaurant service.


We sure do! We can either invoice you or supply you with a secure link to pay through our website.


Thats one of the best things about us! You don't need to register. We understand how time consuming it is to register with the multitude of agencies out there when you just want to get walking those docks ASAP so we take direct applications for all roles. Please follow us on facebook.com/kiwiyachtcrew to see our roles as they come in and keep an eye on our website listings.